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  • MF-Devices type Alphatron 
    origin JCD-Technology - HAMBURG Germany

     Multi pulse magnetic field therapy devices extrem low frequency.

    Multi pulse magnetic field therapy devices type:

    • Alphatron 2100-W  ( Wellness )
    • Alphatron 4100-C ( Clinic  )
    • Alphatron 5100-U       (Clinic & Wellness)

    All types have same design but different ready programs and power output.


    Generator has 32 ready programs for medical treatments(16) and wellness (16). Device has connection to PC and it is possible to updated the programs if necessary. Of course user can also make manually adjustment and safe own program in the memory.


    Magnetic field therapy device

    Alphatron 4000


    Magnetic field therapy device

    for home use

    Alphatron 100


Portable MF-Coils                                     MF- Coil assembled with special bed             32 ready programs 
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