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Wellcome to JCD Technology GmbH


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Newest Alphatron device

ALPHA ELECTRONICS operate worldwide since 1983. 

Since 2006 is she under new company name : JCD Technology GmbH

JCD Technology GmbH is one of the leading companies in the world market in the development of pulsed magnetic field therapy (PEMF). The new generation of PEMF devices, of the type Alphatron 4100-C, the Alphatron 2100-W and the Alphatron 5100-U, all function, with very unique frequencies and a computerized program system, based on nature. The magnetic field density is at least 10 times stronger than the strongest devices from other manufacturers. Also important is that it uses a very low voltage - maximum 38 V, which does not produce electric smog and a high-amperage, up to 20 Amps, which results in a very clean pulsating magnetic field. The generator’s unique features and unique technology leads to a significant increase in the speed of the healing process of many illnesses.

Based on the manufacturer’s 35 years medical experience, special programs have been developed for Wellness, Fitness, Anti-Aging, Cosmetics & Beauty, and Weight Control, utilizing the body’s own fat-burning process.

JCD Technology devices offer more operating  possibilities, and have two distribution lines:

  1. Medical  Wellness for human and veterinary needs. ( Alphatron 4100-MW)
  2. Medical Wellness  for human and veterinary needs. (Alphatron 2100 / AlphaVet 2100)

Alphatron  unit is designed for all kinds of therapy and especially for use in laboratories and research centers. For example: activating and increasing artificial enzymes, development of new medications, etc.

Alphatron 100 or Alphatron 4000 units, are designet for home use but also often as portable units  in hospitals and clinics.

President of JCD Technology GmbH, Johannes Christian Drzyzga M.Sc.Eng. is the developer of the JCD technology. He has two technical university degrees and has also studied economics, mathematics, physics (energy exchange, burning process, atom-physics) and medicine. One of his biggest discoveries was the mathematical and experimental finding of correct and very exact constant of magnetic field μo which is very little different as in physic literature but very important for calculation of magnetic fields and energy exchange.

His discovery about inter-cellular/atom communication in life organism is confirmed indirectly by Harvard University (see USA references below). Communications between atoms are likened to that of a computer’s working memory.

JCD Technology GmbH  developed a new generation of devices that would provide a more efficient metabolism process coupled with newest research.

General principle of JCD Alphatron Therapy (PEMF)

 Every healthy cell is characterized by active ion transport. It sickens and dies if the necessary electrical potential is lost, because it is then no longer possible for the cell to be adequately supplied, particularly, with oxygen.

Using the JCD Alphatron therapy technology, magnetic fields pulsing at a low-frequency penetrate the human body and supply the cell with electrical energy. This increases enzyme activity. Pulsing magnetic fields also increase ion dynamics and lead to improvement in the oxygen supply and increase the partial oxygen pressure (pO2) of the cells. The circulation in the vessels and capillaries increase and the cell is provided with energy that promotes healing.

It has been scientifically proven that the cells in our organism react not only to the electrical impulse alone, but also to its frequency, intensity, and the magnetic wave type. In JCD Alphatron therapy, these parameters are modeled on natural conditions, which is one of the most important reasons for the extraordinary curative success of this type of therapy.

Alphatron devices have been developed, improved and manufactured continuously for 27 years. To support their efforts, JCD Technology GmbH (Alpha Electronics) have always completed research work and tests in universities, hospitals, clinics, and with independent private-practice physicians worldwide.

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